Beautiful Wildlife of The Congo

Congo is located in the Africa. It is also known as Brazzaville. Congo is a very suitable and amazing place for sending the holidays. New Zealanders who really want to spend a memorable holidays want to visit the beautiful pace of Congo. Congo is very much attractive by the tourists because it has so much beauty for all type of tourists. It is very much attractive for those also who really want to enjoy the beauty of wildlife. For such a people, Congo is the one of the best places in almost all over the whole world that has some unique charm related to the wildlife.

Garamba National Park

Garamba National Park is well known park that represents the rare beauty of the Congo related to the wildlife. The name of this great and amazing park can be seen in the great list of UNESCO World Heritage. You can see very beautiful animals in this amazing Garamba National Park. Mostly this park consists of savannah based animals like elephants, hippopotamuses and giraffes. You can also see the other amazing and rare world animals like rhinoceros or black rhinoceros. You can see the vast range of the species of all these beautiful animals in the park of Garamba National.

Kahuzi-Biega National Park

We can also see another animals that is very much rare in all over the world, are volcanoes. Normally Kahuzi volcanoes and Biega volcanoes can be mostly found in this Kahuzi-Biega National Park. It’s really amazing to see these Kahuzi volcanoes and Biega volcanoes in front of your eyes just in front of a few inches from you. Along with these volcanoes, we can also see some amazing gorillas here in this park that are saved from poaches. In this park, these all animals are kept under great care and special animal doctor’s team. They regularly examine the animals and take great care of their food and other things. Those New Zealanders who really love to see the animals closely and who really want to enjoy the thrills of wildlife really want to visit the place of Congo.

Okapi Wildlife

In the beautiful place of Okapi Wildlife Reserve, we can see the large species of the amazing birds and primates. These birds and primates are not placed in cages but these can be seen flying in the sky. We can also see the beautiful and various kinds of peacock. These peacocks are very much different in colours as compare to the other peacocks that are found in the world. That’s why many New Zealanders who really love the nature and the birds like to visit the Okapi Wildlife Reserve in Congo.

Lake Kivu

Another jewel of Congo is Lake Kivu. It’s a very beautiful place. This place is full of natural beauty. If I say that it’s a heart of the Congo then it will not wrong. Near this beautiful Lake Kivu, there are five big national parks. These parks are very much dangerous for the visitors who really do not know these places really well. That’s why you must hire a guide when move towards these parks. Due to all above beautiful places those New Zealanders who really like to get experience with wildlife and natural beauty really want to visit the country of Congo.